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Back From Unintentional Hiatus

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 13, 2015, 9:22 PM
Sorry for pretty much dropping off the face of the earth for the past month or so... A lot of things were happening, not the least of which was the holidays... 

I actually haven't even opened Deviantart since the beginning of December. I had about 2500 deviations, 400 journals, and 200 polls to go through! I kind of just skimmed through everything so if I missed something there's not much I can do about it. I follow a lot of the same artists on tumblr though, which I did stay active on, so I was pretty much caught up on that end, thank god. Made it a bit easier.

Okay, recap time!

Reasons for Hiatus:

1. Once I got back from St. Maarten (around beginning of December) I got sick. Again. And that nasty little cold went off and on for a week or so. Nothing too serious but enough that when I wasn't working I was pretty much just lying around my room like a lump.

2. Holidays, obviously. Once Christmas hit there was no chance to do much till after New Years, between visiting family and church and a whole ton of other stuff.

3. Work. The holidays is the only time of year I get decent hours at my job. Which means that whenever I wasn't at work I was usually sleeping, lol. Also see #1.

But I am back and will hopefully never leave for that long again!

Now for stuff that happened in the last month or so:

1. First and foremost, at least for me, is the fact that I finally beat FFVIII! This is a huge deal for me. This is the first Final Fantasy I've ever beat (aside from Dissidia) so it's pretty cool. This does not mean that my FFVIII craze is anywhere near over though. First of all I have like at least 20 pictures started (including like a dozen just of Laguna...) and second of all, I've already started a second playthrough, lol. 

2. Kind of stemming off of the last one. I started a Laguna blog on tumblr. It's a mix of fan blog, rping, and an ask blog. So come on over and give Laguna some well deserved love!

3. I've also finally gotten my facebook page for my art off the ground:…

4. Despite not being on here and not finishing anything, I've started a shit ton of artwork so hopefully I can finish some over the next few days...

5. Currently finally getting off my ass and cleaning my room. Hopefully this means actually organizing everything and maybe even finally fixing my desktop!

That's pretty much everything, I think, lol. 

Anyways, gotta be up for work in like 3 hours so good night!

And remember, "Speak with passion, from the heart! That's what matters most."

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I still haven't fully revitalized this account but I am working on it! I am starting to be able to draw again. I'm getting ideas and have started a lot of stuff and I really think I've finally started to find a style that's 'me'. Right now the only thing really slowing me down is work. I don't work a lot of hours but the fact it's really early in the morning (like 4 - 6 early!) is really killing my body. I am a night owl, always have been since I was a little kid. I was like 7 and staying up past midnight every night, lol. And now I have to go to bed by like 8/9ish to get up in time and it's hard because I have to force my body and a lot of the times I end up lying in bed for hours till I finally get to sleep and then I'm exhausted the whole next day! So until my body gets used to this progress is a bit slow on my projects but I hope to finish some things soon and really start getting this account off the ground!

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